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Westside Carrozzeria specializes in luxury automotive transportation & logistics. With our staff having more than twenty-six years of experience in the Automotive Service Industry, we know what it takes to provide outstanding service and adhere to our client's needs. Westside Carrozzeria is your solution provider for all of your personal or company's automotive requests and commitments.

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I have worked with Giselle several times over the past 10-15 years and service has always been top notch and professional. I fell out of touch with her after leaving my last company about 3 years ago and just recently reconnected when she called me to move a Range Rover from Tx to Cali. As usual, professionalism and service were top notch and she was able to pull a rabbit from somewhere and get our truck moved effortlessly. Drew, the gentleman who picked the Rover up today, obviously shared the same thoughts about customer service and professionalism as Giselle. Very courteous, well spoken, and just a true gentleman as he entered our offices. The truck; WOW. I can’t even tell you the last time I saw a transport truck that clean and it was obvious that Drew took pride in his rig and the company he represented. Transportation is a difficult part of the car business for sure and having Giselle and Drew as part of your team will certainly make me put your card in front of the rest for my transport needs. Please feel free to use my as a personal or business reference for any future transport customers that want or need a referral from someone who has used your services.

Jonathan Peck,
Business Manager, Partner Dallas Motorsports

What People Are Saying.

My name is Bryan Allison and I am a very satisfied Westside Carrozzeria customer. I was in the business of transporting vehicles but I did not know any companies which moved between southern California and Houston Texas. I reached out to Giselle Hollister as I knew she was an expert in logistics for just this type of move. She handled everything. I did not need the vehicle immediately, but the vehicle had to be picked up ASAP. Giselle got this handled the very next day. I was also kept up to date constantly on the status of my move by both Gisselle and the driver. The driver called me a few times with status updates and gave me realistic expectations on time frames so I was not waiting around all day for him. I believe anyone who needs a vehicle moved any distance should consider Westside Carrozzeria. This company really knows service and knows how to exceed customer expectations. I will go beyond saying I recommend them, I would advocate and promote them to anyone.

Bryan Allison

Wanted to say a sincere thank you for the assistance of you and your company in moving my Ferrari 355. By far the finest transport I have experienced in 25 years in the business. You are the only company I will call or refer for the rest of my days in the auto industry. Keep up the good work and thank you again.

Rob Mays

The Gold Wings.

In this business, you are only as good as your last job. We ship thousands of cars a month and have been in business for more than 10 years. We owe much of that success to our vendors and drivers. Westside Carrozzeria is our first choice for enclosed automobile transportation. Over the years, we have entrusted them with the worlds most exclusive automobiles such as Pagani's, Bugatti's, and Koenigsegg's. Their consistent service combined with top-notch equipment and some of the best drivers in the business equate to one thing, peace of mind.

Rami Simcha
Bluestar Auto Movers.8

In my line of business, I require only the best transportation services for my clientele. Will Mendez and the staff at Westside Carrozzeria are the best. They are professional, reliable and most importantly, trustworthy. I have worked with Will for over 10 years, and I completely trust him. I know that my transportation needs will be handled with expert care whenever I call Westside Carrozzeria.

Chris Comét,
Bentley Sales Manager Newport Auto Center